Don't wake us up when tomorrow arrives, we'd rather be dreamers

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

(I am dead, a corpse, and I keep walking, walking, walking, walking)

Where do we
find comfort
beneath a hopless sky?

How fulfilling
will the warmth
of other hands be
when they are destined
to be tore apart?

The forecast
promises death,
and chipped bones
and tears
like sawdust

There is no need
for a strong wind
to feel everything
has been carried away

And solutions
are just theorical creations
because the truth is
there's not always a way out

I wish there was,
I wish I could look at you in the eyes
and say
"Things will pass (and you will stay)"
without those words tasting like bile

jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

(Hay rebaja de metáforas y tengo ganas de decir algo)

Encontré palabras en un cuaderno
como encontrás billetes en los pantalones

Un regalo que ya me pertenecía,
del cual su existencia había olvidado

He aprendido a revisar cuadernos
antes de guardarlos en cajas,
como hago con los bolsillos
antes de poner la ropa a lavar

You will never win; I fight with myself

There are
lies in my head and
lies in my chest
and I
am willing to
take doubt by the hand
and walk right into the battlefield

If the only thing that
provides me of a
consistent truth
is the notion that
there are many ways to
interpret the inhabitant
of this body,
then I will hold with
teeth and nails
unto the homemade facade
I chose to build

You may shriek up 
to the sky, but
the soil will be the witness
of the break down
of me

~Distant planets don't know about me (but they'd still recognise me as their kin)~

A phantom

She vanished like a dream at waking, and all there was left were hazy memories and the broken pitch of her voice. 

I couldn't quite make out her face after some seconds... and, in time, she was lost.

I still have a book she forgot, to prove it was all real. But, sometimes, I ponder the possibility of having planted the evidence myself.

Day after day, I grow wearier and wearier.

I would give anything to know her because, even if I did meet her, I never learnt her at all.

La existencia es un fin anticipado

entre las trabéculas
de mis fémures,
húmeros y vértebras

Este esqueleto
ha sido despojado
de sus elementos

Y es tan débil
que está destinado
al olvido,
entre piedras y arena

Nadie llorará
junto al lecho del mar,
y nadie pensará
en estrellas iluminando el pesar

Los circuitos nerviosos
no permanecerán
en el eco
de las vidas que crucé

Y la energía
que habitaba en estas células
se disipó en calor
y nada más

Desde el primer amanecer
siempre estuvo
la promesa de la eterna noche

jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

5 in the morning (and the cogs keep on turning)

Washed the dishes
dryed them
stored them

Ate one time
two times
three times

Wrote one word
two paragraphs
three pages

Peed repeatedly
brushed my teeth throughoutly
and organised my notebooks

But I still cannot face
the eternal succession of tomorrows
that come regardless of rest

I may have just learnt 
to pay no mind 
-mine is a cheap one,
in the aftermath.

I am learning to build myself with gentle hands

It is not easy
to strip this shame
out of my body,
each tear discovering
raw meat, fragile
and vulnerable

It has rooted itself so deeply
under my skin
that I'm no longer sure
which of it is mine
and which is the foreign body
that is rotting my insides

I take the dripping pieces in my hand
and observe them,
scrutinize them,
as I take them off of myself

Which of those ought to be thrown away?
Which of those make me myself
and are better off if they stay?