Don't wake us up when tomorrow arrives, we'd rather be dreamers

sábado, 28 de octubre de 2017

Is this the end?

Longing came at night
In the form of the softness of
Your skin under my fingertips

It rattled my bones
With the sight of
Calm slumber resting on your face

Clawed at my heartstrings
With the imprint of the
Joyful curve of your mouth

Kept me awake
With the constant thud
Of your assuring heart

Smothered my fortitude
With the sweet words
Spiraling on repeat

Yet how do I get to reconcile
All to which my memory
Dearly clings to
With the carelessness you left behind
The egoistical pettiness
The unstated lies?
Why do I hold on to you
When I seem so easy to discard?
How do I keep loving you
When I must love myself
At the same time?


viernes, 27 de octubre de 2017

Cacophony (the overwhelming sound of absence)

When you make this assertion:
"I want to die";
Does anything change?
Does the ache pass?
When you just utter
Without doing -anything so far,
When it becomes like
Reeling air in and out,
Is it nothing more
Than an outspoken qualm?
Or are you conjuring up a reason
For it to be made a lie?

(How very sad it is
That it eludes you,
Each and every time)



por los pliegues
Un papel que
se dobló y
se desdobló
demasiadas veces

en los bordes
El oximorón
del tacto y
el anhelo
rehuyendo del dolor


martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

Prompt: peach

You picked me up
from the floor,
You sweet-talked me,
said I wasn’t

You peeled me off,
with care
I let you touch my
tender spots, willingly
let you dig your fingers
deep into my flesh

You lifted me
to your mouth,
behind your kiss
there were teeth,
and my sweetness trickled
down your throat and
I remember I hoped
it was satisfactory

But as soon as you
reached the hardness of
my core,
you spit me out
abandoned me
forgot me
left me to rot

(But it is my fault
I should have known
I should have known
I should have known)


domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017

Prompt: horn

horned beast,
don’t hide
your shame,
come on out
your raw hurt

don’t conceal
the sharpness
of your teeth
behind your lips,
let them see

winged beast,
outstrecth your limbs
-feathers glistening
under the sun-
take space

don’t hold back
the growl
in your throat
let it out,
make them afraid

gentle beast!
you will have
to fight your way
out of this one
and so in others

your kindness
was not rewarded
with respect,
so give them
what they deserve


miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Prompts: flower, fruit, vase, roots, breeze, ice

the softness of petals
calloused skin

you eat the seeds,
carry them
to far off lands

encased in warmth,
breath in
and let it go

moist soil kisses,
your naked feet

your guilt seeps out,
a caress
and a farewell

time passes and
changes matter


let it flow out of proportion (spit)


like an ever expanding cavity in my chest

the anger is a mere decoy

unfortunate hunger

for bones narrowed at the tips

the truth is

the breath between a blank face

and the first weep

i am undoing

my love bleeds through my skin

(now i know it was the love for humanity that came out of jesus pores under the moonlight and not fear

i am no mesiah

-yet i would die for love)

picking up the pieces

the crumbles

of this facade

of knowledge

i am left with raw flesh

and exposed nerves

i am nowhere near absolution

unless it comes from the hands of my beloveds

but the world is fractured

and i am left on a verge

to another fragment

in which another one exists

and reaching out always means

running the risk of cutting

-and yet i would saw my veins willingly for that

there is a pain

behind my blurred eyes

and my panting lungs

and the sadness that i cannot understand

and maybe it is because all the emotion barricaded is lashing out at my corporeal manifestation

my throat is cleanched

and i am dying

a joyous death, perhaps


if love can do that