Don't wake us up when tomorrow arrives, we'd rather be dreamers

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015


Your ribcage
broke itself into shards
and breathing became
just a little bit more difficult
(not that you needed more reasons to stop)

Claws are digging
between your awkward
shoulderblades -not wings, no
looking to crush
feeble vertebrae

How many times
have you stared at
your fingertips
wishing they could bleed
these unwanted demons away?


sábado, 11 de julio de 2015

You brought my longing by chance

on your proximity
The angles of your face
are a lot more intricate
than what it meets the eye

I'm attracted
like the trembling body
to the seething fire,
expanding my lungs
with the sweet remnant of smoke
and cuping the heat
with the curve of my hands

I want to
breathe you in
until I dream
of autumn forests
and golden peace,
until roots embrace me
into fertile soil,
until wind and leaves sing

I will hum
the echo of your pulse,
the placid murmur
of the blood that flows

And, perhaps,
I'll meet your life
with a kiss on your throat


No hay lugar seguro cuando te veo con los ojos cerrados

Tengo ansias
que desbordan
de mis huesos,
que los quiebran,
que me atan

Y si vos pudieras
tan sólo tocarme,
el dolor seguro 
se calmaría;
habrá encontrado
su fuente de creación

No quiero que
corrompas mi mente
cual virus entrando
en mi ADN
y replicándose
en cada célula
de mi cuerpo

haber arrancado
esta hierba de raíz
pero me dio lástima
esa fragilidad
que no había visto
por innumerables estaciones

Y quizás,
por ahí,
le brindé un poco de agua
por ahí,
le trasplanté a un sitio soleado

Por ahí...
por error
(por amor)


Mis sentimientos
son siempre
procesos silentes
que recién descubro
cuando me hincan 
los dientes

Jamás aprendí
a mirar a mi alrededor
y ponerme
al resguardo del peligro

Los días pasan
sin sol ni luna,
y las palabras
se me escapan
entre mis dientes apretados

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

(I am dead, a corpse, and I keep walking, walking, walking, walking)

Where do we
find comfort
beneath a hopeless sky?

How fulfilling
will the warmth
of other hands be
when they are destined
to be tore apart?

The forecast
promises death,
and chipped bones
and tears
like sawdust

There is no need
for a strong wind
to feel everything
has been carried away

And solutions
are just theorical creations
because the truth is
there's not always a way out

I wish there was,
I wish I could look at you in the eyes
and say
"Things will pass (and you will stay)"
without those words tasting like bile

jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

(Hay rebaja de metáforas y tengo ganas de decir algo)

Encontré palabras en un cuaderno
como encontrás billetes en los pantalones

Un regalo que ya me pertenecía,
del cual su existencia había olvidado

He aprendido a revisar cuadernos
antes de guardarlos en cajas,
como hago con los bolsillos
antes de poner la ropa a lavar

You will never win; I fight with myself

There are
lies in my head and
lies in my chest
and I
am willing to
take doubt by the hand
and walk right into the battlefield

If the only thing that
provides me of a
consistent truth
is the notion that
there are many ways to
interpret the inhabitant
of this body,
then I will hold with
teeth and nails
unto the homemade facade
I chose to build

You may shriek up 
to the sky, but
the soil will be the witness
of the break down
of me

~Distant planets don't know about me (but they'd still recognise me as their kin)~

A phantom

She vanished like a dream at waking, and all there was left were hazy memories and the broken pitch of her voice. 

I couldn't quite make out her face after some seconds... and, in time, she was lost.

I still have a book she forgot, to prove it was all real. But, sometimes, I ponder the possibility of having planted the evidence myself.

Day after day, I grow wearier and wearier.

I would give anything to know her because, even if I did meet her, I never learnt her at all.