Don't wake us up when tomorrow arrives, we'd rather be dreamers

lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Water may grow a graveyard

I have all this little bones
between my hands
and I don't know
if I should throw them 
as far as I can
or make an altar for them
as soon as I get home


I always considered spiders
to be somewhat alienated
but I came to realise
that the vision of the world
of such a little creature
is not measured by 
the same scale than mine

And as I gazed upon
the darkening sky,
I felt like a spider


The songs that floated
in the currents of the wind
never bared such thing
as a name

but I took the liberty
to make up the words
and whisper them
to the tone
of this void
inside of my chest cavity


I can't remember a time
when I didn't want to escape
From blossoming teeth
to the day
the wire fences that
got them back in line
were a faded memory
brought back to me
by the tip of my tongue

I always felt the need to fly
But, one day,
I just felt the need to fall


I sometimes still have dreams
where I try to jump over the tall walls
standing in the periphery of the backyard
of the old house 
Most of the time,
my legs give up and I just stare
vertically, while my whole body
sinks down
Other times, I climb the plum tree
and make it over the concrete
and the wire
with the aid of its sturdy branches
but then I fall onto the other side
and there's nothing


I close my eyes
and open my mind
until I reach the nebula
of your warmth,
among inked paper
and dim sunlight

And I cry out
"hold me"
to arms with
no face
to a soul
with no mind


At the end,
I decided to keep them
because I think that
whenever I feel the need to lay them down,
it will be the sign 
that I no longer have to run

Me gustaría contar con las palabras para acallar mi dolor.